Welcome to Vanguard Researchers Laboratory


Diagnostic Lab

Providing basic and precise diagnostic tests for effective treatment of common health conditions and diseases.

Microbiology Lab

Identifying and studying biological samples to detect microorganisms to help in diagnosing and treating infections.

Clinical Research and Trials

Conducting small-scale clinical studies and trials to evaluate the effectiveness of medical interventions or treatments.

Biobanking and Biorepository Lab

Preserving for Precision. Our Biobanking and Biorepository Lab secures and curates valuable biological samples, driving breakthroughs in medical research and advancing personalized healthcare.

Genomics and Genetic Lab

Unlocking Genetic Secrets. At our Genomics and Genetic Lab, cutting-edge research drives the understanding of genetic variations, revolutionizing healthcare and shaping the future of personalized medicine.

Health Consulting and Advisory Services

Empowering Better Healthcare. Our Health Consulting and Advisory Services provide comprehensive diagnostics and reliable insights, enabling healthcare providers to deliver personalized and effective patient care.