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About Vanguard Researchers

At Vanguard Researchers, we are a leading research and medical laboratory dedicated to advancing scientific knowledge and healthcare practices. As a fully accredited and licensed clinical laboratory operating within the prestigious Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, we take pride in our commitment to excellence.

Unparalleled Expertise and Services

Comprising a team of over 500 laboratory professionals, Vanguard Researchers stands as one of the largest and most comprehensive medical laboratories in the state of California. Annually, we conduct over five million tests, delivering high-quality, innovative, and cost-effective laboratory services to clients locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally.

Global Outreach and Client Service

Vanguard Researchers proudly serves as a reference laboratory for numerous healthcare organizations and physician practices in the United States. Our specialization lies in providing exceptional and cost-effective esoteric laboratory testing services to clients across the United States and beyond. As one of the region's premier medical laboratories, we offer a diverse range of procedures that few can match.

Anatomic Pathology Excellence

Our Division of Anatomic Pathology (AP) boasts a distinguished team of over 15 full-time faculty members who oversee diagnostic studies of patient tissues and cells. Vanguard Researchers is at the forefront of providing a comprehensive suite of AP services, encompassing histology, cytopathology, dermatopathology, surgical pathology, immunohistochemistry, electron microscopy, and post-mortem services.

Advanced Histology Lab

Within our Histology Lab, we employ cutting-edge testing methodologies to process and preserve patient tissue for examination by our expert pathologists. Some of our advanced testing capabilities include:

  • Same Day Processing using Xpress Rapid Processor
  • Immunohistochemistry testing on more than 200 varieties of antibodies
  • FISH testing on paraffin samples, as well as UroVysion™
  • Electron microscopy (EM) for work-up of renal biopsies, metabolic diseases, tumors, and ciliary dyskinesias
  • Immunofluorescence (IF) testing for the diagnosis of an array of kidney and autoimmune skin diseases

State-of-the-Art Cytology Lab

Our Cytology Lab excels in providing precise testing and result interpretation to aid in the diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment of cancerous and pre-cancerous lesions. With access to advanced testing methodologies, including:

  • SurePath® Pap tests
  • ThinPrep® Pap tests
  • Non-gynecologic cytopathology testing
  • Fine needle aspiration (FNA) biopsies
  • Gynecologic high-risk HPV testing

At Vanguard Researchers, our mission is to drive medical innovation, deliver exceptional service, and contribute to the betterment of global healthcare. We are dedicated to advancing the frontiers of scientific understanding and improving patient outcomes through our unwavering commitment to excellence in research and diagnostics.

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